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In crisis? Contact North Shore Peer Assisted Care Team (PACT). Call: 1 (888) 261-7228 or Text: (778) 839-1831

Ways to contact PACT


Trauma-informed, culturally responsive support

Reach out to PACT when you or someone around you is in distress (North Shore residents ages 13+).

Crises we address

PACT is your local support team that you can reach out to when you or someone around you is in distress due to:

  • Thoughts of hurting yourself or suicide
  • Families experiencing challenges
  • Drugs or alcohol use
  • Loss of reality
  • Feelings of hopelessness or despair
  • Social isolation and loneliness
  • Fear and anxiety

If you or someone around you is in immediate danger/ or safety risk, call 911.

How we can help

  • Offer support to you or your loved one over the phone, text, or in-person wherever you feel comfortable
  • Listen without judgement and provide a safe space for you to share your story and tell us what is going on
  • Provide crisis counselling and de-escalation
  • Accompany you to emergency departments, police stations, or community organizations
  • Connect you to the appropriate resources, services and supports in the community to meet your underlying needs
  • Provide short-term follow-up care to you and your family after a crisis event

What we can’t do

  • Perform psychological assessments to diagnose mental illnesses or write prescriptions for medication
  • Make referrals to psychiatrists or other medical specialists for specific treatments for mental or physical health conditions (but we can help you to access primary care)
  • Fast-track applications for housing, income or disability assistance, or mental health services

PACT is a partnership with CMHA BC and the Province of British Columbia. To learn more about our community planning process, how this project is growing at a provincial level and how to donate, visit CMHA BC PACT webpage.

Download PACT Posters & Brochure

Our posters and brochure offer information about PACT that can be shared in the community.

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