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Giving the Gift of Wellness

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As the holiday season approaches and the time for sharing with loved ones draws nearer, we ask that you keep the Canadian Mental Health Association on your mind.  This time of year can be difficult for some people in our community and we at CMHA want to do our best to help support those in need of mental health and housing support.  

What better gift to give to than the promise of a more supportive and connected community? You can feel good knowing that your donation is going to services that have a direct impact on the people around you.

To donate to our direct services you can choose one of the following categories by clicking on the link and selecting one of the following services from the drop down menu: 

Another NEW option to give is to help our branch be sustainable for the people in our community for years to come.  To donate to our endowment please click here.

Thank you for your time and consideration during this busy time of year. Wishing you a mentally healthy holiday season!

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