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b4stage4 conference panel: BC’s Addiction Crisis and a Call for Action

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As fentanyl slips past Canadian borders and safe injection sites find their way into BC communities, the topic of addictions care is a pressing one. Now is the time to generate a significant shift in our system of care to support those in recovery. We must ensure every person who needs care has access to care – this is one of the five areas of change that we believe will lead to better mental health in BC.

We’re thrilled to introduce Mike Pond, registered psychotherapist, and Maureen Palmer, co-founder of Bountiful Films, who will be speakers at the b4stage4 conference. Their panel discussion will address the addictions crisis facing BC and provide practical steps towards more a comprehensive and integrated healthcare approach.

Mike Pond is more than a healthcare professional. He’s persevered through a life-threatening battle with alcoholism, written a captivating account of his struggles in his memoir Wasted and continues to advocate for an addiction treatment system that delivers evidence-based, compassionate care without shame and stigma.

Maureen Palmer produces, write and directs critically acclaimed and crowd-pleasing documentaries. She was the co-author of Wasted and directed its companion film for CBC’s Nature of Things. Her artistic voice has been heard throughout Canada as an unrelenting advocate for the transformation of addictions care and implementation of community-based resources.

Now is the time to take action. It’s time to shift our system of addictions care. It’s time to ensure people in recovery have access to support. Join us at the b4stage4 conference and be a part of the movement. Register now!

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