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Mental Health Week 2024: Compassion Connects

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CMHA’s annual Mental Health Week (May 6-12) is a social change campaign to shift attitudes and perceptions about mental health. Each May, people in Canadian communities, schools, workplaces, and legislatures rally around Mental Health Week to spark conversation, advocacy, and action.

This year’s theme is “Healing through Compassion”. Compassion is the practice of meeting suffering – whether our own or the suffering of others – with kindness. This practice is not about promoting suffering or overwhelming positivity. Instead, compassion involves acknowledging that suffering is inevitable and responding with care. Compassion can look like: 

  • Giving compassion: offering care and support to others who are suffering;
  • Receiving compassion: taking in external care and support when we are suffering;
  • Self-compassion: engaging in self-compassion and self-care when we are suffering ourselves

Follow our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, X) where we will be posting a three-part video series featuring our counselling team discussing why self-compassion is important and tips on how to integrate it into daily life. Connect with us on social media using the hashtags #CompassionConnects and #MentalHealthWeek. For a sneak peek at part one of the counselling series, check out the video below!

CMHA NWV will also be participating in several community events taking place throughout Mental Health Week to connect and engage with the North Shore community in person. Please click here for the schedule of events throughout May 6 – 12. 

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