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National Indigenous Day 2020: A New Chapter

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Dear community,

We’re feeling the heaviness of this moment and we’re writing to let you know that we are with all of you who are desperately pleading for change. Whether you voice it out loud, protest, or just cry in your sleep, we are with you.
The need to address the paradox of freedom and safety built upon a system of colonialism and oppression is of fundamental importance. And yet, it’s hard and heartbreaking to acknowledge that the life we enjoy today has been built on that pain.

For many, however, those who are racialized, who are indigenous, who are marginalized, who are LGBTQ2S+, their journey to achieve their dreams has been fraught with disappointment, lost opportunity, lack of acceptance, mental illness, addiction and sometimes, death. The time to reflect on and address the distribution of power and resources is upon us.

In celebration of National Indigenous Peoples Day, our leadership team stands in solidarity with all of you that want this to become a moment of change, and we write this letter to you to express our commitment to live that change. We will seek to decolonize our programs and our work; we will seek to ensure our team meaningfully reflects the diversity of our community; we will ask questions that are uncomfortable; we will re-educate ourselves; and we will share our journey with all of you. This is but the beginning of a new chapter.


Julia Kaisla, Executive Director
Talayeh Jamshidi, Operations Manager
Donald Johansson, Finance Manager
Sydney Mattu, Housing Manager
Elaina Moss, Program Manager
Maria Watson, Counselling Manager


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