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NEW – Walking Therapy

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Based on solid evidence that walking and being outdoors in nature contribute to better mental health, we are now offering clients a choice of doing their counselling sessions while walking! We know that walking can really improve sleep, mood and energy levels, and reduce stress and feelings of tiredness. We meet at our Lonsdale office and walk around the beautiful parks and neighbourhoods nearby. Walking therapy can be particularly helpful if:

  • you have a hard time sitting still for 50 min
  • you prefer to be outside for health reasons
  • you feel trapped or uncomfortable in an office
  • you want to walk but don’t have the motivation to do it
  • you don’t have anyone to go with, and don’t feel comfortable walking alone

Your counsellor can help you personalize the walking route to suit your needs, and recognize and reduce barriers. Some people prefer walking on trails, some prefer streets, and some like to walk and find a bench or picnic table to sit and talk. If you would like to try this, ask your counsellor for more details.

For more information on our counselling services, please visit our counselling services page.

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